Individual Project – Introduction & Planning

For this project we have been tasked with developing our own project idea, the project must be a substantial piece of individual and independent work where I will be able to determine the direction of the project, the content and the implementation of said project with the help of a supervisor. In these blog posts/development logs, I will be covering any and all progress made throughout my individual project in my final year of university.

Now that we have been explained the task for our individual project the next step before we could go ahead and start production of the project is obviously pre-production and at this stage, we needed at least three different ideas that we would eventually end up being our final product. So, I went ahead and wrote down three ideas that I felt I could produce within a 10-week time span.


  • Choose between three characters
  • Knight, Mage, Archer
  • Campaign and Survival
  • Three enemy types (Goblin, Skeleton, Evil Cultist)
  • Top-Down / Twin Stick
  • Comic Book Art Style (Cel Shaded)

Idea 2 (NO TITLE)

  • Single Player
  • Adventure Game
  • Traverse to the top of a tower / large structure
  • Solve Puzzles
  • Colourful / Low Poly / Minimalist Art Style
  • Story-Driven

Kindred Spirit (WORKING TITLE)

  • Play two different characters
  • Switch between the two characters
  • Solve puzzles and do specific tasks with both characters
  • Colourful & Light-hearted with minimalistic style (low poly)

With my ideas, I went to my supervisor to get some feedback for these ideas. Some of the feedback, in general, was that the ideas were good and could all work. However, my first idea sounds like too much work and would be better suited for a group project rather than an individual project due to the time frame. My next two ideas are feasible would be simple and easy to implement and what mechanics I have for puzzles within the game.

Taking into account the feedback and what I personally felt would be the best idea I was swayed more to the game “Kindred Spirit” as I felt I could have a unique and interesting mechanic with switching between two players as well as the puzzles they would need to solve.