Individual Project – Production Dairy #3

After a meeting with my supervisor, I was given the tasks I will need to complete by the end of the week which continuing to work on enemies and start working on environment assets for the game along with working on a spawning system for the enemies.

One thing that was leftover from last week that is needed to be implemented into the game is a spawning system which will allow me to spawn enemies in waves into the game. As of right now, this is the basic spawning system of the enemies, I’ve set it up in a way so that I will have enemies spawn after a countdown and will have a rate in which they spawn into the map rather than all at once which is much more interesting.

Enemies spawning in waves.
Inspector for Wave Spawning.

With this I can set the number of waves I want, the amount of enemies I want to spawn in that wave, the rate in which they spawn and finally what type of enemies I want to spawn into the game which will later feature goblins, skeleton archers and wizards which will be added at a later date for the game.

The final thing that was needed to be done this week was to start a basic environment, using my skills in Maya to create a basic low poly Esque dungeon wall. The art style I wanted for the game was a low poly style with a cartoon look, mostly due to my art skills not being up to par but wanted to make 3D models that would look nice in-game.

These are the two designs I had come up with the one on the left being my first design, I liked the first style of the wall but didn’t like the way the pillars looked so I changed them from a cylindrical shape to a cube one. I also changed the colours of the walls from a more dark grey to making them a little bit lighter and giving them a blue tinge. Happy with the way the dungeon wall looked I began to work on different props for the dungeons, so I made a barrel, create, shelf, door & torch fitting, I am happy with the way they look, but I will most likely update the models, later on, especially the door, I would like it to make it curvier on the top..

Dungeon Props

Overall though, I am happy with the way the wave spawning system works allowing me to easily set up different enemies. My environment props also work well with my game with some updates to the overall model quality it will definitely make my game look a lot nicer.