Individual Project – Production Dairy #4

From my meeting with my supervisor this week I was advised to start working on the top-down shooting mechanics for the game, along with the random level selection / procedural level generation.

This week I went back to the drawing board on my idea, as I was not enjoying the way the melee combat was working at all for the game, it was very slow and not smooth or satisfying whatsoever. So, I decided to instead work on top-down shooting combat which will be a lot more fast-paced and will try to make it much more satisfying than the melee combat was.

Disaster Strikes

While changing flies around in my unity file, I opened up my individual project file and was getting compiler errors which must have occurred while I was moving files around in my project which is my mistake as the backup for the project I had was not updated to the latest version of the game which is something I should have thought about before changing my files around.

File corruption

However, this will not set me back too much as I will be able to simply transfer over my scripts and assets into the new scene, but I will need to spend some time working on trying to put the scene together again which will take some time. But, with this hiccup out of the way, I will be able to learn from this and make sure I have backups of all my projects in the future in case something like this happens again.

Idea Update

Before my Unity file corrupted I decided to change the combat of my game which will go from melee combat to a shooter one with top-down shooting gameplay. However, with the set back it allowed me to really think about my idea and what I actually wanted the game to be as at the current time it was all over the place, So, I decided to take the core gameplay mechanics of my idea and properly set them out.

  • Fast-paced, top-down shooter.
  • Must kill X amount of enemies to progress to the next level.
  • Pseudo-randomly generated levels.
  • Weapon pick-ups.
  • Possibility of adding different types of characters with different abilities (time available)

Now that I have broken down the game into some core ideas I will implement it will be much easier for me to start properly working on it as a programmer, without testing out different ideas, combat types and gameplay. If I am able to get the core gameplay mechanics down I will then have plenty of time to polish the game properly, instead of worrying about assets or if the combat of the game is working correctly.

New timeline/schedule.

Overall, I have a lot of work to do due to my file corrupting and the having to restart the project, but I have now gained enough experience to start properly working on the project. I am still deciding whether to do the game in 2D or 3D right now I’m leaning more to 2D but I will have to discuss with my supervisor.