Individual Project – Production Dairy #5

Last week, due to my own mistake my unity project had corrupted which puts a massive damper on my schedule and will need to restart my project. During my weekly meeting with my supervisor, I told him about the fact and said it will not put me too far behind as I still have my scripts and will need to put them into a new project and restart. Other than the issues with file corruption, I also asked my supervisor about which format I should do the game in, 3D or 2D and I was in the process of making the game in 2D, he suggested I go for whatever I think would be the best and try not to do double the work.

From this meeting, I decided to make my game in 2D as I think I can focus more on gameplay aspects and fun gameplay in which I will be able to show my full skill set in programming and design rather than spending all my time working on assets.

Plan for this week.

So, this is the plan with this week is to work on getting the 3D version of the game into a 2D format which won’t be a problem but I will need to rewrite a lot of the code for the game which will take a while. Due to being behind a lot of work is needed to be done by the end of this week but I am confident in my ability to do it.

Basic player & camera movement along with basic shooting.

The player & camera movement are both very basic for me to implement into this game due to how many times I’ve done this in both 2D and 3D so this didn’t take me very long to implement so I can begin working on the mechanics which will take a lot longer to do.

Basic enemy chasing the player and being killed.

With the enemy spawner in this version of the game, it is based on enemies spawning after a certain amount of time which helps with the main mechanic of the game which is the player having to kill X amount of enemies to progress to the next level of the game. But, these won’t be the only enemies I will be adding, I will also be adding enemies that shoot at the player and adding bosses to the game which will be added at a later date.

The next thing to work on was the weapons system for the game, the game will have different weapons which will randomly drop from enemies throughout the game. To do this I began to work on “Scriptable Objects” which will allow me to quickly set variables and change settings of the weapons which include; fire rate and damage.

Scriptable objects code.

Working from this I now will be able to work on random weapon pickups which the player will be able to collect from killing enemies. This will be easily done due to the backend work I did with the scriptable objects and will simply be able to send an OnTriggerEnter from when the player goes over the weapon and their current weapon will be switched to the one the player picked up. At the moment I have three basic weapons, a basic pistol-type weapon which the player will get by default, a blaster and a shotgun, I will eventually add more weapons at a later date.

Weapon pickups.

At the moment these are the major additions to the game which I am really happy with and I have implemented them well into the game, next week I’m looking to add next-level capabilities and have the player kill X amount of enemies to progress, along with working on random weapon drops from enemies which will be harder to implement and if I had time I’m looking to make some basic UI elements like HP & the current weapon the player is holding.

Tasks for next week.