Individual Project – Production Dairy #6

For this meeting with my supervisor, I discussed what I had built on from last week and told him my plans for this week which is working on getting random loot drops, an enemy wave system, and some basic UI elements to the game. He also recommended I try to figure out a graphical style for my game along with the type of music I want in the game since it would be key.

Tasks for this week.

The wave system was easy enough to implement as I used it in my previous game in this project, I just had to make it work within a 2D game, I also implemented a while to have multiple enemies spawn within waves using lists and arrays. Eventually, I got it working and it was not difficult for me to implement into the game and I am happy with how it turned out in this version of the game.

Wave system.

Next up with working on the weapon drops which are an integral part of the game as it allows players to pick up different kinds of weapons along with power-ups which I will be adding at a later date to the game, To do this I simply created a drop chance variable which will allow me to change the drop chance of weapons along with power-ups when they are added these weapons will drop whenever an enemy is killed.

Enemy weapon drops

This took me a little longer to implement since it was a new feature I have never implemented to a game before so it was a bit of challenge of trying to get it to work how I want it to, all that is required now is to simply balance the drops so players don’t get too many weapon drops or too little. The last thing to work on was a basic UI for the game in the current version of the game, for now, I just need a health bar, but later on, I will add other UI elements such as; stamina bar, current weapon, score.

Health bar

I got a decent amount of work done this week and feel like I’m on track, one thing that is a top priority right now will be trying to get all the main mechanics of the game down but at the moment I am happy with the progress I am currently making but there is still a lot to do.