Individual Project – Updates & Changes #1

After week one, I went and looked at my task list to see what was needed to be done during the second week of production and playing/testing what I have already implemented into the game. I realised I wasn’t entirely happy with how the melee combat was in the game it was a unique idea but I knew I wanted to try something different.

Tasklist for a week by week basis.

An idea I had for the game was a physics-based combat system where when the player moves his character a sword or a chain and ball weapon will move around the player using physics. This will be the first time I will be implementing physics within Unity so I know it will be a challenge to add into my game. Using unity’s physics systems within the engine along with using hinge joints within unity which allow you to add bones to objects.

First test of the chain and ball weapon.

However, with my first test of using the hinge joints, I wasn’t getting my desired effect as the chain and ball would get stuck on the player which wasn’t something I wanted in the game. My next attempt I tried making the rope longer and allowing the weapon to collide with the player and go through them.

Buggy chain and ball.

Despite making the chain longer and allowing the collisions, the chain was still colliding with the player but it was also breaking the chain and causing the player to fly around the scene which is obviously not something I wanted to happen. With what I have learnt from this testing I went back to the drawing board and go for something that is much simpler to implement using hinge joints that would work.

Sword physics

Initially, I was happy with finally implementing physics-based sword but I wasn’t happy with how the weapon handled as it felt very slow and very janky which was disappointing and won’t make this my primary combat solution. However, despite the failure, I was still able to learn how hinge joints and other joints along with physics within Unity which could be useful at a later date or on another project.